Waxing Crescent

Location: Bishop Auckland, UK Est: 2021

Potted History: “During the first lockdown, I started sharing images of my own record collection via my Instagram page,” says label boss Phil Dodds, explaining the origins of his hot-off-the-press cassette label. “It was quite refreshing and I made so many new contacts, people with the same interests as me. I’m very decisive at times and I thought I should start my own label. I dived right in and it just felt right. I sat down and started coming up with label name ideas, artists I wanted to work with and ideas surrounding artwork and packaging. I’m very lucky to have found Eidolon aka Gwen King. She’s the label’s artist and creates the album covers while listening to the releases. The art and music come hand in hand and I think it’s helped offer something a little different and unique. The aesthetics and vibe of the label wouldn’t be what they are without the work of Eidolon.”

Mission Statement: “When I started out I said I wanted Waxing Crescent to provide a platform for artists to release quality, weirdly beautiful electronic and experimental music,” says Phil. “Thanks to the artists we’ve released so far, this has become a reality, the foundations have been laid and the standard set.”

Key Artists & Releases: “The first release was ‘Timelapses’ from Rupert Lally in July 2021. I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect project and artist to start the journey. Each artist since then has followed a similar path in terms of quality and the tapes have been selling out regularly. I have some amazing music set to be released this year. I’m excited beyond words about the albums we’ve got lined up by Giants Of Discovery, Patrick R Pärk’s Teeth Of Glass, Zebularin and Boycalledcrow. I feel really fortunate to be able to share them.”

Future Plans: “My aim is to continue to share and promote artists and music with passion and enthusiasm,” offers Phil. “I’m talking to Gwen about some merchandise ideas, so it would be nice for some of those to come to life. I’m also keen to work with new artists as well as more established musicians. The first debut album on the label was Stuart Cook’s ‘Piano At 51°40’49.6”N 2°14’09.2”W’ and the reaction to that was awesome.”

Any Other Business? “I was heavily inspired by labels including Third Kind, Woodford Halse, Soundtracking The Void, Bricolage, Anticipating Nowhere and Disintegration State,” says Phil. “I’ve also received advice, feedback and support from many other labels and artists I’ve been in touch with, as well as from some brilliant radio shows who have played tracks and from publications who have taken the time to review the releases. I work full-time in the aerospace industry, so running the label has been a challenge but extremely rewarding. It makes all the time, money and effort I put in worthwhile.”

For more, see waxingcrescentrecords.bandcamp.com

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