Simon Reynolds: Tomorrow’s World

From Kraftwerk to Auto-Tune via a range of scenes, subcultures, technologies and sci-fi backdrops, Simon Reynolds’ latest book ‘Futuromania’ looks at the impact of “machine music” from the 1970s to the present day

Barry Adamson: Talking Pictures

Barry Adamson is busier than ever. Ahead of a blistering new solo record and a string of UK live dates, the celebrated bassist reflects on setting the post-punk agenda with Magazine and his defining time with the Bad Seeds. “Bands are fucking nuts,” he says

Fran & Flora: Take a BOW

Inspired by Yiddish songs and klezmer, experimental/contemporary folk duo Fran & Flora fuse virtuoso strings, drones and loops to hugely beguiling effect

Jane Weaver: Love Parade

Cosmically lush, gently kaleidoscopic and swirling with mystic “wyrd folk”, Jane Weaver is back with a compelling and groovily seductive new work that truly hits the heights

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan:Care In The Community

As Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan, Gordon Chapman-Fox has explored the utopian dreams of 1970s town planning over the course of five albums. His latest release, ‘Your Community Hub’, completes his transformation from wry hauntologist to strident political commentator 

Ride: Ride On Time

Together for eight years, apart for 19, and then back together for another 10. Life in Ride has often been a rollercoaster, but the band’s new album ‘Interplay’ is a synth-heavy triumph
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