Alex Cameron

photo: cara robbins

Your album is called ‘Jumping The Shark’. When did it all go tits up?

My life went tits up years ago and I’m just getting it back on track. ‘Jumping The Shark’ is a big part of that and that’s how I intended it to be, start through finish. The first sound on the album is strong. The second tune is a curveball.  Same with three. Four is a straight-shooter.

You describe yourself as a “musician, delivery man and clerk”. That’s one hectic schedule.

I think you’ll find the majority of musicians have a day or night job and that musical talent has very little to do with that. You gotta pay your rent and pad the pantry in the meantime. I ain’t afraid of a little work. You just gotta find what burns and if anyone tries to pour water on the spark, break their fingers.

As a clerk, you work in anti-corruption? How far does that rabbit hole go? Straight to mummy rabbit?

I left that job for stress related reasons and can’t talk about it due to a non-disclosure agreement. I’d like to mention you’re the second person who’s said the word “mummy” to me this month. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I worry it’s got a link to Brexit.

Tell us about your business partner, Roy Molloy. He’s a man with opinions, right?

First time I met him we were six years old and he was stuffing lemons in a drain. Not much has changed since then.  He’s got zero criminal convictions against his name and once drove for 43 hours straight to make a business meeting. All opinions are his own. 

We very much like that you have an interview policy…

I don’t want anyone wondering why my business partner chucked an ashtray across the room or called some guy a coward.  So we’re upfront about these things. I can be an interesting person. But it takes having an interesting discussion. That’s your job.

The policy stipulates all “in person” interviews are held at AMF Bowling, Randwick, New South Wales.

Unfortunately the AMF facilities have been shut down, some sort of incident involving a school excursion. I don’t know how to update the website, but I’ll speak to someone and get it fixed. 

You say “The internet is a sham” and “email is a hoax designed to shrink your brain”. What do you know that we don’t?

I see things in slow motion, so I’m behind the times a little. At the same time history is cyclical, so I see things coming from a mile away. All I know is everything changed after ‘You’ve Got Mail’.

And yet, here you are, handing the album out online for free…

It ain’t free any more friendo. That ship has sailed. 

What’s the dumbest question you’ve been asked?

No such thing as a dumb question, brother. Every day’s a school day.

‘Jumping The Shark’ is out on Secretly Canadian

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