Nina Walsh

Freewheeling through time and space, Kris Needs continues his adventures in sound. This month: Nina Walsh

Apologies for my recent absences. After various traumas and a stint in hospital, I was rescued by my old friend and angel Nina Walsh who invited me to recuperate at Facility 5, the idyllic Dorset enclave where she’s been carrying on the vibrant creative mission ignited with her late partner Andrew Weatherall over 30 years ago.

Surrounded by dogs and pastoral calm, Nina has reinstalled the studio that saw them capture hours of music for both their Woodleigh Research Facility and his albums, while continuing her solo mission of 20-plus years.

Of all Weatherall’s collaborators, none worked with him more closely or for longer than Nina. Her archive is colossal – comparable to an overheating bull rhino’s scrotum fit to explode. This music (which includes Weatherall operating bespoke controls and keyboard), was kept under wraps by ultimately impotent elements, plunging Nina into another kind of personal hell after his passing over two years ago. An inexplicably ridiculous situation, it’s been inspirational to watch her kicking against the pricks, while all the time considering what her telepathic partner-in-mischief would think. If the Weatherall massive knew what they were missing, including a final album that ranks among their best, mass circle jerking or hara-kiri might erupt.

Nina’s empowering return begins with the development of the ‘Music To Fall Asleep To – Delta Waves’ project (released online in February) into a groundbreaking physical edition, launching the cryptic moniker Weatherbury Research Facility. “Designed to induce deep healing sleep through binaural frequency brain entrainment,” the limited (100) edition CD comes in a signed package with a beautifully hand-crafted Orgone Accumulator infused with delta wave frequencies, and lab report. Encountered by many for the first time on Hawkwind’s ‘Space Ritual’, the Orgone Accumulator was developed by science maverick Wilhelm Reich. A defiant, but doomed FBI target, Reich died in prison in 1957, but his theories were subsequently embraced by counterculture movements, and so live on.

Nina is also releasing the ‘Retrospective’ EP, boasting four tracks which showcase her supernatural 25-year songwriting career (including the astonishing ‘My December’, now retitled ‘Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down’ thanks to invoking a Motorhead connection!).

Together, we’re documenting her remarkable story and lifelong partnership with Weatherall in a forthcoming book exploding with acid house capers, life-changing music, irreverent humour, priceless insights and recent triumphs, and my own personal Weatherall and Sabres Of Paradise memories. We’ve also recorded a song I wrote about my DTs nightmare called ‘Night Tremors’, with a special guest manifesting on blood-boiling drums.

Nina and I agree that karma can be a wonderful thing. X

‘Music To Fall Asleep To – Delta Waves’ is out now on Facility 5. The ‘Retrospective’ EP is out on !K7

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