Stash Magnetic

Freewheeling through time and space, Kris Needs continues his adventures in sound. This month: Stash Magnetic

Transmitting this column from deepest Dorset makes the happiest ending after 2022’s life-swivelling roller-coaster.

Meeting ex-pat US duo Stash Magnetic at Nina Walsh’s birthday celebrations last August, I was astounded by how such a startlingly original electronic outfit had been flying under the radar since relocating to the UK from Ohio over 20 years ago.

2020’s towering ‘My Future’ EP would’ve been enough to invade this column but, after getting to know the fascinating Rebecca and Nick Magnetic, it’s only the tip of an evocatively compelling iceberg, based on special frequencies, gothic ritual and arcane analogue gear.

This entrancingly unique couple hail from punky beginnings in the Toledo suburbs, Nick discovering electronic sounds through Detroit radio legend The Electrifying Mojo and Dick Hyman’s ‘Moog – The Electric Eclectics Of Dick Hyman’ album, and Rebecca writing words she hoped one day to sing. They settled in London thanks to Adrian Sherwood after he heard Nick’s Universe Crew demos, and Rebecca was hired for On-U graphics. Nick’s singles include covering Hyman’s ‘The Minotaur’ for On-U Sound’s Green Tea imprint.

Having been introduced to the Bitches Brew label by Crispin J Glover and recording for them as Stash, discovering Andrew Weatherall’s DJing/production genius catalysed their transformation into Stash Magnetic.

“We did an experiment to see if we could contact Andrew psychically at Ramsgate Music Hall in December 2019,” says Nick. “He looked up at us, smiled and acknowledged. We got really excited about the Weatherall direction. The way Nina and Andrew worked together made me look at things differently.

“Our life philosophy is that human existence is like an analogue circuit rather than digital being like a disconnect. I feel the instant connection with Nina happened in that organic, analogue circuit way. Since we collaborated, I appreciate her better as a producer, so the story keeps unfolding. She instantly drew us in.”

Rebecca and Nick loved Nina’s new year 2020/21 ‘Day And Night’ mix for Brother Joseph’s esteemed ‘Sonic Treasure’ online show.

“It was beautifully moving,” says Rebecca. “After we told Brother Joseph, Nina asked us to collaborate on reworking it with David Harrow in December 2021. We were thrilled and buried ourselves in the studio for a week. It was very important to us so had to be deep.”

Ending up spectacularly fathomless, that mole stiffie deepness and cinematic vision meant Stash were electronic music’s best-kept secret no longer.

With our ever-growing book and rising podcast anarchy, Nina and I are looking forward to raising hell in 2023! Have a magical year.

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