Connie Constance

Metropolitan mysticism and downtown dream pop

photo: Nadine Ijewere

Who She?

Model, singer, songwriter, all round cool gal: 20-year-old Connie Constance has it all. Born and raised in north west London, her musical career was kickstarted last year when she met producer Blue Daisy. They instantly became friends and Connie’s new EP, ‘In The Grass’, is a result of that relationship.

Why Connie Constance?

The blissed-out urban dreamscapes of the EP’s opening track, ’Stars’, are irresistible. Gentle piano, an urban drawl, gorgeous imagery of a fantastical London – it’s a sumptuous mix of dreamy pop from Connie and Fever Ray-esque weirdness from Blue Daisy. ‘Euphoric’ shows a much more pared back approach, with the vocals sounding Winehouseian at times, albeit with a unique Constance twist. Blue Daisy’s beats sidle up to Connie’s poetic lyrics as their voices – one harsh and pitch-bent, the other pure and heartfelt – intertwine and echo each other.

Tell Us More

Connie’s recording cohort Blue Daisy, aka Kwesi Darko, is an artist in his own right with an R&S record deal to boot. His imminent sophomore album, the brooding ‘Darker Than Blue’ features our Connie returning the favour guesting on the thrilling duet ‘Alone’. Blue Daisy describes his work with Connie on this EP as “the initial flint to spark a long-lasting flame”: here’s hoping that’s the truth, and that there’s much more beauty to come from this partnership.

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