Tom Hang

Experimental alter Ego-tronica

Who He?

Jimmy Asquith, who runs the excellent dance and ambient London label Lobster Theremin, moonlights as Tom Hang, a project dedicated to his introspective side. Asquith’s pseudonym allows him to confront the difficulties he’s experienced in the last few years, after a relationship break up and the loss of family members. It’s an emotional outpouring, as well as a way to separate this weirder music from his Lobster side. “It’s nice to be able to take these feelings and convert them into an expression rather than let them simmer,” he says.

Why Tom Hang?

His previous cassette releases favoured gritty techno, but the Tom Hang debut album ‘To Be Held In A Non Position’ is a plunge into drones and exploratory tones. “My job involves listening to a lot of beat-based electronic music,” says Asquith, “so when I come home I’m a huge fan of ambient and noise. Tom Hang is a portal to be a bit more experimental and out there.”

Tell Us More…

Influenced by noise artists Marta De Pascalis and Luc Ferrari, the new album is the recording of a live performance in Australia, and it’s a mystical and strange record that will hypnotise fans of experimental sounds. “I really enjoy DJing,” says Asquith, “but playing live is incredibly intense.”

‘To Be Held In A Non Position’ is out on Tidy Bedroom

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