Dancing With Ruby

A new name, but a synthpop superduo

Who They?

In short, vocalist Charlotte Sanderson and synthesist Matt Culpin. Charlotte is very much the public face of Dancing With Ruby, Matt preferring to keep himself hidden away in the background. As for Ruby, well, there doesn’t appear to be anybody called Ruby involved here. To be honest, I was rather hoping you weren’t going to ask about Ruby.

Why Dancing With Ruby?

Stop it already with the questions about Ruby. Oh, wait, I get what you mean.

DWR are something of a superduo on the UK’s busy independent synthpop scene. Charlotte is the former singer with Electrobelle, best known for their effervescent ‘Mirrorball’ single back in 2009, while Matt partnered Sarah Heeley in the much respected Northern Kind, who notched up three albums in seven years before splitting up around 12 months ago. For a while, it looked like Charlotte was simply going to become the new Northern Kind singer, but the change of name represents a clean canvas for both parties. It was a smart move too, as DWR’s recent debut album, ‘In The Interest Of Beasts’, proves.

Tell Us More

‘In The Interest Of Beasts’ is a mighty fine record, flaunting a decidedly 21st century sound that stands in stark contrast to many of DWR’s we-love-the-80s synthpop contemporaries. There’s plenty of polish and some heavy sprinkles of glitter, but there’s a dark edge to the lyrics of several tracks, most notably the bleak ‘Creature’ and the eerie ‘Still Waters’. Charlotte Sanderson’s vocals are strong throughout, especially when she does her little-girl-possessed-by-something-unspeakable thing. Hmm, maybe that’s who Ruby is. You might feel compelled to jig around to this album, but you’d be advised to stay away from the shadowy corners of the dancefloor.

‘In The Interest Of Beasts’ is out on Sexy Units

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