Alliyah Enyo

Myth, femininity, and magical electronics


A compelling talent, Alliyah Enyo is an Edinburgh-based multidisciplinary artist and DJ, who weaves a multitude of influences into a uniquely captivating sound. An alumnus of the Northern Ballet Company, her oblique explorations of femininity and mythology, part-inspired by her grandmother’s love of folk tales and ancient stories, not only incorporate deft interpretive musicianship and compositional verve, but also draw from several disciplines, including sound installation, DJ culture, choreography, photography and sculpture.

Why Alliyah Enyo?

Her mesmerising voice is hypnotic, but Enyo also layers loops and filters into her sound to form extraordinary, filigreed sonic worlds. Her live performances combine digital electronics and acoustic processes, creating what her label dubs “ethereal choral symphonies”, while a borderless, subtly Middle-Eastern vocal-led approach and rich visual aesthetic evokes the diaphanous otherworldliness of classic 4AD acts, Dead Can Dance or This Mortal Coil.

Tell Us More…

Released at the tail-end of last year, ‘Visitations 03 03’ is the latest in a limited edition series of recordings produced on the Hebridean Isle of Eigg, at a secluded bothy belonging to Lost Map label head Johnny Lynch, aka Pictish Trail. The two deeply meditative and emotive pieces are named after the places on the island that inspired them. Both ‘Cathedral Cave’ and ‘The Singing Sands’ are rich soundscapes with a globally informed scope. They’re rewardingly transportive, melding ambient experimentalism with intercultural traditional elements and a brand of soulful psychedelic futurism. Quite the spell, these opposing forces align like celestial incantations that might easily carry us world-weary folk beyond the earthly realm.

‘Visitations 03 03’ is out on Lost Map

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