Ground Tactics

Future-facing techno tuned to perfection

Who they?

Motivated by expanding consciousness and “a philosophical journey”, Ground Tactics is French sound alchemist and tuning fork practitioner Colin Tobelem. Born in Washington DC, he grew up in the south of France and now spends most of his time in Berlin. He has been making music for over two decades and branched into electronic sounds 11 years ago.

Why Ground Tactics?

His latest album ‘Reality Implant’ is a captivating meditation on left-field techno and IDM. It’s awash with intricate electronic textures, visceral rhythms, and contemplative moods. Pounding yet delicate, the brief opener ‘Heat Wave’ acts as a primer for ‘Violet Fire’, a stunning composition fulled by flattened percussion and the low frequency wub wub of synthesisers. ‘La Belle Fête’ darkly drones and ebbs along a path of cerebral odyssey. The record is inspired by “the value of meaning, all living creatures, unconditional love, self-reprogramming, transcendence, and ultra-culture”, says Tobelem.

Tell us more…

The album is released on Midgar Sands, a sub-label of the Berlin-based Midgar Records, an imprint known for its ahead-of-the-curve outlook as well as its sublime graphic design. Tobelem describes the ideas behind ‘Reality Implant’ as a kind of “techno prophecy”. In addition, his work as a tuning fork practitioner opens the door to a metaphysical approach to music. “Tuning forks are multidimensional  keys, opening, directing, and expanding consciousness,”  he explains. “Well known for frequency adjustments to tune musical instruments, ‘human-tuning’ forks are tools used to reflect, align, direct, explore consciousness, hyper stimulate, and activate the light body. They connect us to higher selves, and experience resonance passing through all layers of being.” We won’t argue with that.

‘Reality Implant’ is out on Midgar Sands

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