The Long Now

Post-everything footy operatics

Who They?

A collaborative side hustle from all-round synthmeister, the very excellent Richard Norris (like you need telling, but he of The Grid/Beyond The Wizards Sleeve) and from classical music world, Finnur Bjarnason, an opera singer from Iceland who, it says here, has sung in some of the world’s most prestigious opera houses. We’ve sung in pubs and on football terraces, which is much the same we’d imagine.

Why The Long Now?

Sorry, that made us laugh because it made us think of that horse joke. Horse walks into a bar. Barman says, why The Long Now? Anyway. You should hear this stuff. There’s a debut single, ‘Resortation’, which is a deliciously downtempo electrical fizzbomb from Norris with Bjarnason “retuning his tenor range to a new acoustic electronic frequency”, which in English means he akes his voice as an instrument and repeats phrases you only half hear over and over. It is gloriously dark and very effective.

Tell Us More…

They mention, rather in passing we thought, that they met at a fireworks party in Lewes (like you do), where they bonded over Terry Riley and the Cosmist texts of Nikoli Federov. Sounds pretty unlikely to us. But we digress. The single comes with a storking video by BAFTA award-winning director Keiran Evans, which is perfectly described as showing “the natural psychedelia of Iceland’s countryside”. There’s an album on the cards and Evans is working with the pair on a live shows, all of which promise to be a real treat based on the evidence of the first fruit.

‘Resortation’ is out on Curved Space

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