Fancy a spot of “mutant grime” and “deprivation chamber dub”? You do? Then Oxford producer Low End Activist is most definitely your man

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It’s already been a hell of a year for Glaswegian art rockers Walt Disco. The band have enjoyed a rapturous reception as tour support with OMD and released a new album, ‘The Warping’, combining the anthemic with the deeply personal 
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Inspired by the Bergman flick of the same name, Rival Consoles’ ‘persona’ album moves him one step closer to film soundtracks being his next musical step
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How do you make music from shifting tectonic plates? We ask Stuart Hyatt, whose latest Field Works album redefines the meaning of rock music
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Keeley Forsyth: The Forsyth Saga

Keeley Forsyth’s latest offering is ‘The Hollow’, a bleakly beautiful and affecting symphony of operatic vocals and windswept soundscapes. Its inspirations? Scott Walker, a remarkable grandmother and an abandoned moorland mineshaft somewhere near Harrogate