Alice Hubble

Alice Hubble on the first and last albums she bought and the one she turns to in an emergency


‘Like A Prayer’
(Sire, 1989)

“Like so many children of the 80s, Madonna was my pop idol. This album was, and still is, my absolute favourite. I remember buying it on tape from a music shop in the small village in Surrey where my grandmother lived. Me and my friend made up a routine to the title track that we subjected our parents to. I can still remember some of the moves.”


Laurie Spiegel
‘The Expanding Universe ‘
(Philo, 1980)

“I bought this after watching the ‘Sisters With Transistors’ documentary. I knew a lot about the British musicians featured in the film, but the Americans were more of an unknown. It’s an absolute delight of a record, the arpeggiating synths sound like the inside of my head. I can’t believe I only just heard this record.”


‘Witching Hour’ 
(Island, 2005)

“This is perfect ‘head cleaner’ music. It’s part therapy, helping to clean my head of a stressful day. Ladytron create such an evocative world with this record and Helen’s vocals are lush. It’s relentless, menacing and pop in equal measures. Other head cleaners include Jon Hopkins’ ‘Singularity’, Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Emotion’, Tangerine Dream’s ‘Stratosfear’ and Blanck Mass’ ‘In Ferneaux’.”

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