Hannah Peel

John Foxx bandmate and music box maverick Hannah Peel reveals the first and last records she bought and the one she always returns to


Suzanne Vega
‘Solitude Standing’
(A&M, 1987)

My best friend’s older sister had this record when we were at school. I didn’t realise until now that it was released a long time before we found it, but it sounded so different to our ears. We would sing together for hours over the a cappella version of the single ‘Tom’s Diner’. This was the first album I bought on CD just as the only music store in Barnsley town centre, Our Price, closed down. 


‘Punish, Honey’
(Tri Angle, 2014)

I’m actually streaming this now. I went mental for this album when it first came out and it still surprises me. It’s about the only record lately that has pushed my mind into holes I didn’t think were possible through its sounds and feelings. It’s more like a foley electronic dance album: physical organic sounds from bikes and metal sheets and home-made instruments. It really fires me up for making more music.  


(Brain, 1974)

It’s like wiping a slate clean when warming up the speakers in the studio… it is there as a bubbling undercurrent when the audience enter before a show… it’s the cup of tea at the end of a day… it’s there for when you need distance from the world.

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