Nik Colk Void

Factory Floor’s Nik Colk Void shares the first and last records she bought and the one she always reaches for in an emergency…


(Sub Pop, 1989)

“The album and the T-shirt came with me on a school trip to Florence. It was introduced to me by some older skater friends in my step-brother’s year. ‘Nevermind’ had already happened, but ‘Bleach’ represented me much better at that time. I couldn’t get enough of the raw noisy energy, the heavy repetitive bass riffs and metal drums. I could sing along and have a shoegaze nod at the same time.”


Donato Dozzy
‘Filo Loves The Acid’
(Tresor, 2018)

“Distinctive genres seep heavy in the synth world, acid house being one of them. Italian artist Donato Dozzy was the last record I bought. Before he became a producer of music he was a DJ, so he has a deep understanding of that transcendental mind state which, I felt, was essential when writing with Factory Floor. In a dance audience, or with musicians performing together, when you feel it and unite at the same time, then you know it’s right.”


I-LP-O In Dub
‘Communist Dub’
(Editions Mego, 2015)

“I can listen to Pan Sonic’s Ilpo Väisänen’s records again and again, but this one in particular. Bending dub as a technique to a more pragmatic sensibility rather than using it as a genre. Interesting patterns emerge, wet discordant sounds, humanistic in content, but with no voice, just machines and air. Simple but I’m forever hearing something different every time.”

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