Chris Clark

Warp mainstay Chris Clark shares the first and last albums he bought, and an all-time favourite


(Warner Bros, 1989)

“I’m fairly sure it was ‘Batman’ by Prince. Up until then it was singles, and ‘Batman’ felt like a big deal, being a whole Prince symphony. I don’t think it was very well-received at the time, but I loved it. I recently rewatched his video for ‘Batdance’. It’s genius. Feral, unhinged, virtuosic. I can’t imagine someone scoring like this now, with a full pop video to boot. Maybe I’m wrong. It all seems rather sombre out there in score world though.”


Benoit & Sergio
‘Lost Decade’
F(ourFour, 2022)

“I bought this new Benoit & Sergio album. There’s one track where they just nail the drums and synth hooks so well. It’s kinda slow, a mulchy, sweet grinder called ‘Pars Autre Part’. It’s simple enough on the surface, but hits these magical sweet spots. It’s like an old Bangalter jam, but updated. You just think, “What’s not to like here?”. You’d feel uptight and stingy trying to have a pop at it.”


‘1000 Hurts’
(Touch & Go, 2000)

“One of my most listened-to albums is probably ‘1000 Hurts’ by Shellac. I haven’t listened to it for a while, but there was a period where it was on repeat. I don’t really do favourite albums though, to be honest. It changes all the time. Today, it feels like a choice between ‘1000 Hurts’ and ‘Bytes’ by The Black Dog. But then this kind of disses Can’s ‘Ege Bamyası’… it’s a minefield, this favourites stuff!”

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