12th Isle

Location: Scotland Est: 2014-2016

Potted History: “We all got together through Subcity Radio here in Glasgow,” explains 12th Isle’s co-founder Fergus Clark. “We began to throw parties under the 12th Isle name after meeting through Subcity and the label grew from that. The first release from Dices + AEM Rhythm Cascade came about in a convoluted way, but involved French library albums, Soviet graphic design and me nagging them to send more and more music – until eventually, with help from Lindsay Todd, previously of Firecracker Recordings and now of Tending The Void, we got hooked up with a production and distribution deal with Glasgow record store, Rubadub. They’ve played a massive part in making the label reach the places it has over the years. In terms of who’s behind 12th Isle, we are all different ages and have backgrounds in philosophy, musicology, broadcast production, media studies, IT software development, printmaking and graphic design… and an incredible knowledge of slot machines.”

Mission Statement: “To hopefully keep doing this for at least as many years as we’ve already been around for,” says Fergus. “And for some young kid to find our records in a bargain bin at some point in the far-away future and give them a fresh context!”

Key Artists & Releases: “We’ve had 16 releases to date – 11 albums and EPs, three ‘point fives’ as we call them, a digital release with accompanying screenprint map, and a mixtape. The point fives have included a 10-inch single by Lucy Duncombe, and a live set from Parisian artist DK, recorded at an intimate gig in Seoul. Being able to put out Christos Chondropoulos’ ‘Athenian Primitivism’, Tarotplane’s ‘Horizontology’ and the Vague Imaginaires EP during the challenges of Covid has also been rewarding.”

Future Plans: “We have a cassette album due out imminently by Loris S Sarid & Innis Chonnell – pro tip, give that second name a Google search,” suggests Fergus. “The ongoing vinyl-pressing crisis really has fucked the majority of small labels’ release schedules. We’ve been waiting almost 11 months for something we signed off in 2019 and sent to press in 2020. It’s a vinyl LP by Russian duo S A D and will be followed by the second Cru Servers album. That Cru album is proper amazing and features a bonus seven-inch of tape recordings found in their dad’s garage, from a no wave-type band he used to play in here in Glasgow that never properly released anything.”

Any Other Business? “No real lessons learned so far other than trust your ears/taste,” says Fergus. “Try and keep in mind the direction of the label, if your own personal music taste occupies anything and everything. Having an aesthetic and staying true to yourself and the music you believe in will bring you a dedicated audience at some point. Keep going!”

For more, see 12thisle.bandcamp.com

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