Dig Vinyl

Location: Liverpool Est: 2015

Potted History: While many dream of running their own record label, Dig Vinyl’s Carl Emery has gone one further. Not only does he have the label, but a record shop to go with it…

“The Dig Vinyl shop on Bold Street was set up by myself and business partner Ant around five years ago as a response to the tireless talking down of physical record shops,” explains Carl.

The pair had both been involved in running both labels and shops previously so it seems to make good sense, but why Liverpool?

“It was partly because of our connections to the city and partly because there was a space being unoccupied culturally,” says Carl. “It wasn’t just about selling records, it was about creating a space for people to discover music. We stock as many local artists as we can and get involved with gigs and we DJ as well. The label side grew naturally from those connections, as well as from wanting to discover and give voice to hidden gems in the lofts of Liverpool.”

Mission Statement: “We are very careful with what we pick for release,” says Carl. “The whole package is important to us so we take as much care with the pressing quality, sleeve and inserts as we do with the music. We want each release to be something special, something that you’ll treasure and want to return to. We only press 100 vinyl copies and that’s it, there’s no reissues. It’s all about quality not quantity. We’re keen to encourage techno warriors, jazz cats, psych lovers and deep disco dabblers to contact us if they believe they have something that would make our ears tingle.”

Key artists & releases: “It’s early days, but Nightdubbing’s ‘Frontline’ album, our first release, has sold out and that’s a standard we are determined to maintain,”says Carl. “We already have a great deal of interest in the latest release by Bür Hoff Bau, which we expect to sell out quickly, so if you want one get into the shop or onto our website and order now!”

Future Plans: “We feel strongly that local independent labels are vital to a vibrant social and cultural life both at the community and city level,” offers Carl. “Liverpool is a city changing shape and we want to ensure that leftfield, underground music has a place and a platform and the shop and label are central to that. Release-wise, following Bür Hoff Bau we are looking at a very strange, deep spiritual jazz record that we recently unearthed. Imagine Sun Ra living in Toxteth in the early 80s playing with a drum machine and sax! If anyone can tell us more about the Toxteth Radio Doom project please contact me at the label. “

For more, visit digliverpool.co.uk

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