Buried Treasure

Location: Berkshire Est: 2013

Potted History: Having released music through imprints such as The Leaf Label and Tru Thoughts since the mid-90s, producer/audio archivist Alan Gubby cut his label-running teeth with his Nanny Tango and Kabal Agogo labels, which were focussed on electronic grooves and experimental jazz.

“I became more involved in research in the noughties discovering obscure and unreleased electronic and library music from the 1950s onwards,” offers Alan. “Some labels were great at helping release projects such as Trunk with The John Baker Tapes and Delia Derbyshire’s ‘Circle Of Light’ LP, but as I unearthed more material I decided to set up Buried Treasure to help get it all out.”

Mission Statement: “To keep searching and exploring, unearthing new and old sounds and unique talents that deserve attention,” says Alan rather succinctly. “Acts like The Twelve Hour Foundation and Loose Capacitor are brilliant exponents of electronic music, equally capable of mind bending experimentation or retro synthpop ear worms, all produced using the same equipment as the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the 1960s or Daniel Miller/Mute in the 1970s and early 1980s.”

Key Artists & Releases: Highlights include John Baker And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Konstantin Raudive’s spooky EVP recordings from 1969, Revbjelde, The Dandelion Set with Alan Moore, the ‘Rare Psych, Moogs & Brass’ compilation and there’s the growing beast that is ‘The Delaware Road’, an ongoing project – a screenplay, graphic novel, compilation album and festival of electronic film, theatre and sound “inspired by early developments in radio and TV broadcasting and by the lives of Delia Derbyshire and John Baker”.

Future Plans: Alongside imminent releases from Jeffrey Siedler (“Our first DVD by an Australian academic who uses modular equipment to create stunning audio-visual work inspired by the EMS Spectron video synth from the 1970s”) and ‘Moodsetters’ (“A compilation of atmospheric 1970s/80s electronics and grooves from the Amphonic + Soundstage library”) there’s plans to expand a recent live show, which featured not only ‘The Delaware Road’ but 12 live acts in a nuclear bunker in Essex…

“We will be making an announcement soon about the location for ‘The Delaware Road’ festival in 2018 that I think will make a few jaws drop,” offers Alan. How tantialising.

For more visit buriedtreasure.bandcamp.com

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