Pont Neuf 

Location: Paris

Est: 2016

Potted History: “Before launching the label I was organising parties in Paris for a little over two years in clubs like Social [formerly Triptyque, and now Sacré] or Wanderlust,” explains Pont Neuf founder Thomas Prunier. “It was while doing these parties that I started to meet the first artists around whom I launched Pont Neuf Records to support their work as producers… and launched myself into the big time! I had absolutely no idea what running a label entailed, and learned everything on the job.”

Mission Statement: “I didn’t have a mission as such when I started the label, apart from having fun with these guys who have become my buddies over time,” says Prunier. “But as the label evolved, I was able to meet a whole bunch of artists, like Tour-Maubourg, Vitess and THEOS, who joined the adventure from near and far. At the same time, a wave of young French artists started to make a name for themselves but without any proper support – which is a real concern in France, in terms of recognition of our new artists. Pont Neuf became a way to support this new scene and help it to emerge.”

Key Artists & Releases: “For six years, we have released more than 30 projects with more than 20 artists on Pont Neuf, whether they are albums, EPs from young artists, or compilations gathering this scene together. It may sound like fake talk, but my mini triumph is making a young, independent electronic music label survive in a country that still pays too little attention to new scenes, while also enduring two years of the pandemic.”

Future Plans: “There is always a plan,” says Prunier. “New albums to come by the end of the year and into 2023. But there is also a big new compilation, ‘Hexagonal Club Vol 3’ – out in July – which I think is one of the biggest projects ever released on Pont Neuf, plus a lot of EPs. The identities of the artists behind these projects will remain secret for the moment. The dream is to be able to carry out the mission that the label has given itself, and on a personal level, to be able to travel with these artists and meet people with different cultures, visions and ideas. After that, I’ll stop everything and set up a hut on a deserted beach – period!”

Any Other Business? “If I had to give one piece of advice,” says Prunier, “it would be to always keep in mind that this is a job of passion – or a hobby, as it is for many of us – and that you have to know how to arm yourself artistically and with human patience and kindness. Everything will pay off with time if you don’t give up. Thank you Mr TedX for letting me speak with you today!”

For more, see pontneuf.bandcamp.com

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