Expert Sleepers

Location: Edinburgh Est: 2020

Potted History: “The label was a slightly mad idea for a promotional exercise for our music tech company of the same name,” explains founder Andrew Ostler. “The thinking being, to release music that showcased what you could do with our products, which are mostly Eurorack modules and VST plug-ins.

“Initially, we were a cassette label – since then, we’ve done vinyl and CDs. Our hearts say vinyl, but our heads – which consider things like cost, production schedules and storage space, not to mention environmental impact – tell us CDs are the way forward. Releases so far have been a little scattergun in style – the linking factor is the gear, which can be used in any number of ways – but the whole thing is curated through my personal taste so it tends to be a bit off-kilter electronic, a bit ambient, with some raucous bits.”

Mission Statement: “Being a small company, it can change on the whim of the owner, but for now it’s still releasing stuff relevant – however tenuously – to the company products. Also – physical releases. Most of our artists are probably releasing stuff themselves digitally already, but might not want or be able to front up the cash to do a physical release. We’re very keen to create beautiful things which are just nice to have. I guess this is the Eurorack mentality, really – you could do it all in software, but it’s so much nicer to have physical stuff to interact with.”

Key Artists & Releases: “We have this fellow called Andrew Ostler who makes great drone/Berlin School stuff,” says Ostler, wryly. “Our latest release is ‘Fallout 4’ by “ambient stadium rock” duo Darkroom, which was 10 years in the making.
“And we’re very excited to welcome Turkish composer Elif Yalvaç to the label, with her album of glitched-out ambient guitar, modular synths and cavernous contrabass clarinet. But every release is a key release, really! Every time you do something, you learn something new.”

Future Plans: “Keep on keeping on,” Ostler affirms. “Because of our somewhat niche mission statement, we’re unlikely to be flooding the market with releases. It relies really on people letting us know what they’re making with our stuff. Does that sound like an invitation?”

Any Other Business? “We’re trying to foster a local electronic and experimental music scene in Edinburgh, which is sadly lacking in such things. To that end, we’re helping coordinate a monthly night called Wavetable, pulling in artists from the local area, across Scotland and beyond. And that’s definitely an invitation!”

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