Absolutely Free

Ambient krautrock stylings from Canada


Absolutely Free are an electronic band from Ontario whose music puts a fresh spin on krautrock, house, minimalism and international styles. Formed in 2011, they were once a foursome, but after Jordon Holmes departed in 2014, it was left to singer/multi-instrumentalist Matt King, bassist Mike Claxton and drummer Moshe Rozenberg to carry the torch as a trio. All members were previously part of an experimental outfit called DD/MM/YYYY (pronounced date month year), known for their use of weird time signatures, unusual instruments and the wacky impression they left on almost everyone who witnessed their live performances.

Why Absolutely Free?

What’s fascinating about Absolutely Free’s music is that its transportive sound is clearly a product of Claxton, King and Rozenberg’s more abstract tendencies of old, combined with conventional chord progressions and structures. Take the group’s eponymous debut album from 2014, which is primarily made up of unpredictable, but somehow comforting synthesiser textures and lyrical narratives, all enveloped by a heady haze of psychedelia and King’s feathery, angelic vocals. Then consider the appeal of the album’s arching melodies and numerous moments of euphoria, and you can understand why it was nominated for Canada’s esteemed Polaris Music Prize at the time of its release.

Tell Us More…

Absolutely Free have more than just one string to their bow. Throughout the 2010s they were involved in a number of multimedia projects, including a sound installation at Toronto Beach in 2013, and the re-scoring of multiple short films by Norman McLaren for the Toronto International Film Festival. As if that wasn’t enough, in 2021 the band released another highly accomplished full-length LP, ‘Aftertouch’. With its sparkling synthesiser melodies and updated synthpop feel, it was one of the essential albums of the year.

‘Aftertouch’ is out on Boiled

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