Healing Force Project

Heavyweight cosmic wizardry from Treviso


Italian composer Antonio Marini has been forging new routes into the outer cosmos for over a decade under his Healing Force Project moniker. Using American free-jazz figurehead Albert Ayler’s 1970 album ‘Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe’ as an inspirational foundation, Marini believes that via study, experimentation and the breaking down of traditional patterns, a spiritual remedy begins to radiate through sound. And on the evidence set out on his new LP, ‘Drifted Entities (Vol 1)’, he’s clearly onto something.

Why Healing Force Project?

Because the idea of Sun Ra, King Tubby, George Clinton and Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound forming an explosive sound bomb at the outer limits of the known musical universe is something worth shouting about. There’s a fierce, genuinely avant-garde bravery at the heart of this compelling, often awe-inspiring sound that lures us in with many familiar tropes – pioneering kosmische, echo-chamber dub, free-jazz and deep-funk, to name just a few. It’s scintillating stuff.

Tell Us More…

Although these influences are apparent throughout Marini’s new album, at choice moments, and especially when the bass-led momentum appears to be leading us towards dancefloor, we’re pulled into nebulous, convention-defying sound worlds that pay scant regard to structure and form. And on remarkable tracks like ‘Double Orbit’, the very heaviest in searching, amorphous sonic experiences ensue, shifting paradigms before your very ears. You are eventually brought back to Earth’s chaos with an excoriating dose of anarchic hardcore junglism in a moment you really don’t see coming. He’s something else, this maverick anti-popster, but a word of caution for any equestrian types – he is liable to frighten your horses.

‘Drifted Entities (Vol 1)’ is out on Beat Machine

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