Eyes Of Others

Edinburghian master of laidback beats

Photo: Christopher Fernandez

Who He?

Edinburgh-based John Bryden, whose ‘Stimulus’ EP from last year caught our ears thanks to an irresistible combo of drum machine and a broken Yamaha CS01, the low-rent weapon of choice when some proper fat bass is required. Bryden describes what he does as “post-pub couldn’t get in the club music”, which is inspired, and he soon found the EP was drawing comparisons with Edinburgh’s mythical beasts, The Beta Band. You can see why. Laidback beats, drifty vocal, infectious groove.

Why Eyes Of Others?

So dig around and there was this other track, ‘I See You In The Shrubs’, which is a step up from the EP, louche for sure, but it has that Nina Walsh/Weatherall locked-down groove. It was one of those that caught the imagination of DJs all over the place, one thing lead to another and, well, it’s just been released in its own right with… wait for it… an Andrew Weatherall remix.

Tell Us More…

‘I See You In The Shrubs’ orignally featured on ‘Bonnie Tropical 2’, a compilation released last September by Edinburgh bar/diner/record store/label Paradise Palms (world domination, not long now) showcasing “a new generation of modern electronica/experimental dance music”, mostly out of Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s well worth checking out as there’s more than a few belters on there, not least Total Leatherette’s retro-fuelled funker, ‘Work Harder’ which is like a dust up between ACR and The Cabs.

‘I See You In the Shrubs’ 12-inch, featuring Andrew Weatherall’s ‘A Shrub From Outer Space’ mix, is out on Paradise Palms

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