Glitching bass-heavy dancefloor bangers

Who they?

After her psych band split, Australia’s Teneil Throssell tried her hand at DJing after a trip to Berghain. Her psychedelic Dalston-based Coconut Beats parties led to shows on Worldwide FM and RinseFM and a residency at London’s Phonox club, where she played on Saturday nights until autumn 2018.

Why HAAi?

Her latest EP, ‘Systems Up, Windows Down’, is full of glitchy electronics and thumping basslines. Opener ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself Love’ starts as a scratchy cacophony that growls and gurgles before exploding into a proper pounder. The record also includes her own personal collection of field recordings, including her stepdad’s Mustang on the opening track and the sounds of Marrakech on ‘It’s Something We Can All Learn From’. The title comes from a time in her youth spent in rural Australia, cruising the towns and beaches with the car windows down and blasting music.

Tell us more…

She’s one of Mute’s latest signings, appearing on their radar after doing a remix for Daniel Avery. “I’m really excited about being part of Mute,” she says. “It blows my mind to think I have the support and encouragement to do all the things I would like to do and maybe I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do on my own.” With an album being prepped and an eagerness to collaborate with more musicians (“to make the whole process a bit more three-dimensional”), it sounds like we’ll be hearing a lot more from HAAi in 2020. And we’ll all be better for it.

‘Systems Up, Windows Down’ is out on Mute

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