The Captain Francisco

Elvis joins the electronic ranks

Who they?

The Captain Francisco is the warped brainchild of Charlie Jones, a Grammy-winning bassist, songwriter and producer who has worked with likes of Goldfrapp, Robert Plant, Siouxsie Sioux, Merz, Polly Scattergood and Little Boots. Whoah, horses held… a Grammy winner? In Electronic Sound? Oh yes. Jones bagged a gong in 2009 for co-writing ‘Please Read The Letter’ by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, which was, fact fans, originally recorded by Page and Plant for their ‘Walking Into Clarksdale’ album.

Why The Captain Francisco?

Seeing as we’re talking legends, let’s get jiggy. On this debut single, Jones is letting rock ’n’ roll history do the talking. And it’s nuts. Brilliantly nuts. You see, ‘Daddy Come Home’ stars one Elvis Presley over a riot of electronics – squalling synths, punchy keys, rumbling bass and a guitar solo so abrasive it could scrub pans clean. And yet, despite what your ears are telling you, it’s not Elvis. The Captain sees it like using famous voice studio presets in some unhinged time-travelling realignment of everything we know to be true. The flip-side is a little less deranged, but only a little. His people describe it as “a ping-pong glam racket, like David Essex playing live in a packed amusement arcade”.

Tell Us More…

The video for ‘Daddy Come Home’… good heavens, the video! It stars Anthony Head as a rather dangerous-looking King Lear performing the track and really getting down. King Lear does Elvis. The thought process that goes into that alone is worth a moment of your time. We hear there is a Captain Francisco album heading our way in the autumn. Cannot wait for that. 

‘Daddy Come Home’ / ‘Children Rock On’ is out on Stella Music

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