Park Motive

Star-in-waiting ruffles electronic feathers


Park Motive are a new Bristol six-piece led by wunderkind, Sam Herschmann – a 22-year-old cynosure with a keen sense of musical adventure, and a gift for spinning poetic yarns that delve into sci-fi and the supernatural.

Why Park Motive?

Their debut EP, the remarkably assured ‘Duuust’, feels more like a collection of short stories than a record, with four phantasmagoric tracks taking us on truly unexpected journeys. ‘Undark’ opens as a spoken-word cut and concludes with Herschmann yelping like David Byrne over a backbeat, bemoaning the effects of being accidentally stabbed with a piece of Polonium-210. Yikes. And then there’s ‘Phantom’, a song about living in rented accommodation with a spook who’s trying to communicate something, the tenant all the while buying sundry houseplants to cover up a rancid smell that can’t be located. Elsewhere, ‘Incident’ unfurls over a broken beat and some woodblock, all played in a weird time signature, which makes it great to listen to, but problematic if you want to dance – which you do. And ‘Oval Frame’ – a song as beautiful and unsullied as Röyksopp’s ‘Poor Leno’, though what is it actually about? Your guess is as good as mine (don’t say an oval frame).

Tell Us More…

As a teenager, Herschmann played in the Kilburn guitar group Shoot-Up Hill, named after a nearby Hampstead street (the Romans named it, so it probably has nothing to do with hard drugs or guns). Young Sam was recording electronic demos that didn’t make sense for the indie rock band to play, so he started developing these strange songs, influenced by his love of electronica and jazz fusion, and they became stranger and stranger as they grew, eventually finding a home under the banner Park Motive. No doubt you’ll be hearing more from this talented and inscrutable lot.

‘Duuust’ is out on Spinny Nights

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