Pale Stranger

Prog rocker makes an electronic gem


Pale Stranger is the electropop alias of Midlands multi- instrumentalist Paul Lynch, who recently sneaked out a self-titled debut solo album on Bandcamp. With guest vocals from Charlotte Burrows, Emma Lynch and Grace Capper bringing soul to his glistening production, ‘Pale Stranger’ is a genuine sonic gem waiting to be discovered.

Why Pale Stranger?

‘Pale Stranger’ came about after Lynch found himself social distancing from his other band, the jovial and nautical-themed prog group, Seas Of Mirth. This sudden separation led him to begin a personal journey, exploring the electronic music that soundtracks his daily life – long walks with Animal Collective, relaxing with Talk Talk and Björk, writing while listening to Avey Tare, dancing to 1990s big beat… and it’s all distilled into his music, along with aesthetic cues from anime cyberpunk classics ‘Akira’ and ‘Ghost In The Shell’, adding a frenzy to how the album unfolds. “I wanted the music to sound busy, warped… maybe even cluttered at times, so the words are kind of fighting against the music,” explains Lynch. The “pure pop” vocals might be at odds with the experimental feel, but ‘Pale Stranger’ never feels disjointed. Tracks like ‘Woodcutter’ seamlessly connect the dots between New Order and La Roux via post- punk, and all told, it’s a brilliantly left-field album chock-full with melodic pop bangers.

Tell Us More…

Though seemingly a solo project, ‘Pale Stranger’ is in fact a family affair. During the pandemic, Lynch moved in with his brother Stephen and sister-in-law Emma, who both ended up playing vital roles on the album. Emma’s lush vocals feature on several tracks, and Stephen is responsible for the abstract cover art, featuring a low exposure photo taken over the entirety of lockdown. Go check it out now.

‘Pale Stranger’ is out on Bandcamp

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