Fabulously neon synthpop from Michigan


Perched somewhere north of Detroit, Gjon (pronounced John) Gjevalini got started in music playing bass in local jazz and heavy metal outfits, but once his circle of friends began to settle down and gig opportunities dried up, he wound up recording his own tunes. In 2018, Gjevalini released his first batch of tracks under his Twïnn moniker – a name he says reflects the idea that “everything you’re interacting with is just a reflection of yourself”.

Why Twïnn?

Though Gjevalini’s music is firmly rooted in a 1980s sound, he regularly steps out of those conventions while keeping a tight grip on the hooks that make his music so fantastically catchy. Last year’s ‘Love Data’ single tops off its deep-funk groove and Simmons drum flourishes with a ripping guitar solo, unabashedly planting a Prince-shaped flag right into the middle of proceedings. Another standout moment is the instrumental title track of 2022’s ‘Shop Forever’ EP, which features an electric bass doing battle with a broken, almost vaporwave-like synth wobble.

Tell Us More…

After initially writing Twïnn’s music with a friend, Gjevalini believes his more recent work – like his latest single ‘Alright’ – has more of an unvarnished authenticity to it, now that he is flying solo. “He reeled me in quite a bit when it came to my instincts on the material – now I essentially do the things that my friend wouldn’t let me do in a lot of ways,” he says with a chuckle. “I like things to be very, very organic and as truthful as humanly possible. ‘Alright’ came together quickly. When I started recording it, I wanted the track to sound like a song from the late 60s… where it would sound very nostalgic, but where you also couldn’t quite put your finger on it. And I wanted it to sound a little spooky, since I wrote it around Halloween.”

‘Alright’ is out via Bandcamp

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