Radiant West Yorkshirian dark ambience

Who They?

Just a “he” actually, Bradford-based Tim Hann, who was last spotted fronting Leeds indie rockers I Concur, who we discovered penned songs about the M62, a Korean stem cell scientist and ‘The Wire’. We like that sort of curveball thinking, and break_fold has it in abundance seeing as his debut solo album, ‘07_07_15-13_04-16’, is winter-warm electronics from beginning to end.

Why Break_Fold?

Tracks from the album are already getting love from 6 Music’s Gideon Coe and no wonder it’s a thing of subtle beauty. Released on his brother Michael’s Reject And Fade label, the Stockton-On-Tess imprint has form for dark electronica, and this is very much in that vein. While it’s the first time Hann has worked like this, on his own and without a band, the six-tracker is a bleeping, rumbling, growling, twinkling treat. Better still, it’s released as cassette. We do like a cassette.

Tell Us More

As the bright sparks among you will have spotted, like the FatCat offshoot imprint 130701, the numbers in break_folds’ work are dates. What do they refer to? Glad you asked. “Since there was never going to be any lyrics,” Hann explains, “I started using the date as tracks names to document the points in time when I felt there was a decent idea which could become a finished track. It also gave the tracks a sense of order.” We especially like the expansive ‘05_01_16’ that builds and builds to a noisy crescendo and the rich bass synth of ‘21_02_16, but at a little over 30 minutes you can eat the whole lot up a couple of times in row and still leave room for more.

‘07_07_15-13_04-16’ is out on Reject And Fade

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