Glaswegian rave punks set their sights


Converging industrial-punk menace, EBM synth workouts and 1990s dance shamanism with a suburban roughness, Glasgow’s VLURE carve out a path through well-trodden genre tropes in a way that feels essentially now. The group is made up of Hamish Hutcheson on vocals, Alexandra Pearson on vocals/synths, Conor Goldie on programming/guitar, Niall Goldie on bass and Carlo Kriekaard on drums.


Their 2022 debut single ‘Shattered Faith’ established them as a force to be reckoned with, one that would turn Maxi Jazz, Keith Flint or Bill Drummond into proud, spiritual dads. Touting heaving machine melodies and beats that could make a stampede sound more like a spittle of rain, they have shown no signs of slowing down in their desire to accomplish world domination. “We make a genre-blending mash of electronic textures,” says Conor Goldie. “The dance sounds are influenced by underground trance, hard techno, hyperpop and deep cuts of rave mixed with punk, post-punk and spoken word realism… chaotic punk-show sensibilities that defined our coming-of-age, taken to the rafters and influenced by Glasgow’s forever pace-setting club scene.”

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VLURE’s latest EP ‘Heaven Sent’ takes a fabulously fun turn by keeping the nostalgia satisfyingly nuanced, the message simple and the melodies directly fed into the mainframe. It ensures they strike straight through to the heart – a slick vision of synthpunk rapture and convoys of agitated electronic shimmers, dirtied only by the ecstasy-engulfed aphorisms announced on tannoys in imaginary warehouses across the underground. After headline gigs at the 100 Club and a nationwide tour with Bob Vylan, VLURE are now an experienced gang with enough fight to dislodge the pegs from rave tents at festivals the world over.

‘Heaven Sent’ is out via all streaming platforms

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