He’s called Danube, he’s based in Brussels and the track’s named ‘Berlin’…

Danube’s debut EP, ‘Cities’, is due in 2024. In the meantime, he’s released the first single, a sonic postcard of Berlin.

“Berlin has been created after a weekend spent in the city,” he explains. ”I wanted to catch the atmosphere that surrounds it. That kind of mix of underground culture, freedom and electronic music. I almost always have been in Berlin for the music, touring with my bands and I always felt like at home. For the song, I started with that big noisy sound of bass that made me feel about being in a club in the middle of the night. I added that high sound that reminds me a little bit the horn of boat. I always like to have a sonar sound in my songs. It adds an industrial vibe that reflects in my point of view that city. In the music that also helps to give a kind of urgency. On the other side, I like to look at the boats seeing in the Spree a little bit like nothing around was important. For me, it’s really peaceful. It’s that mix between roughest urgency but also very peaceful that gives the song its essence.”

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