I Monster Hit

Viral success for Sheffield legends

In more evidence that the world is baffling and strange, Sheffield electronic music legends I Monster have suddenly found themselves the authors of one of the biggest viral hit songs on the internet. Their track ‘Who Is She’, taken from their 2005 album ‘Neveroddoreven’, has been plucked out of relative obscurity by the TikTok generation, and is now getting around 500,000 streams a day, with 40 million on Spotify alone.

Happy Xmas indeed to Dean Honer and Jarrold Gosling, whose various projects including Cobalt Chapel, Regal Worm, The Moonlandingz, International Teachers of Pop and The Sound of Science have all been Electronic Sound favourites.

“It turns out that doing absolutely nothing to promote a record is a more successful strategy than doing absolutely everything,” the duo say. 

To supplement the income from that imminent Spotify royalty cheque, the band will re-issue the single with a new sleeve, a new mix and a limited run of vinyl, on 13 January on Dharma Records. The re-issue will include a new ‘Elemental’ mix of ‘Who Is She?’ plus an acoustic version sung by Marion Benoist.

For a glimpse of the frightening world of TikTok’s I Monster music usage visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Knh2-Eb-bpU

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