Dave Clarkson

Dave Clarkson on the first and last albums he bought, and one he always returns to


‘A Different Kind Of Tension’
(United Artists, 1979)

“A pocket-money purchase after joining Buzzcocks’ fan club when I was 13 years old. A vital mix of compelling punk and experimental pop with philosophical and futuristic lyrics, this record was a portal into further Manchester underground music. I discovered labels such as Factory and New Hormones, and artists like Eric Random, Ludus, Biting Tongues and Crispy Ambulance.”


(Alltagsmusik, 2024)

“A wonderful cinematic melting pot of musique concrète and 1960s library music, these abstract tracks have been constructed from an array of hardware and software, together with object and environmental recordings. The combination of found sounds – lampshades, broken light bulbs, seagulls – and sublime melodies is fascinating.”


The Durutti Column
(Factory, 1981)

“I was initially drawn to the beautiful sleeve painting by Jackie Williams. Vini Reilly’s fragile and haunting songs are the audio equivalent to seasons changing – guitar, space echo, drum machine, percussion, heart and soul. I purchased a Portastudio from Vini once… I hope that one day I’ll get close to recording an album as timeless as ‘LC’.” 

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