Kev Oyston

The Soulless Party’s Kev Oyston reveals the first and last records he bought, and one he couldn’t do without


Metal Mickey
‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’
(Hollywood, 1983)

“My first record was a rather novelty affair. I was eight years old and novelty records were the rage back then. My grandad gave me some pocket money one Saturday and I immediately hot-footed it down to Woolies to pick up Metal Micky covering The Beatles! I think this was probably a sign of how weird my music tastes were going to be in adulthood.”


Gary Numan/Tubeway Army
‘Replicas – The First Recordings’
(Beggars Arkive, 2019)

“I’ve loved Numan forever. His early albums were, and still are, hugely influential and referenced by many artists. I had a stab as a synthpop artist in the early 00s and Numan was definitely an inspiration for my vox and music style. I think he’s found his form again with his last album. A really lovely chap too.”


John Foxx
(Virgin, 1980)

“‘Metamatic’ is without fail my all-time favourite album. Bizarrely, when I was a lot younger a friend played it to me and I actually disliked it. Then, years later, I rediscovered it and I fell in love with it. It’s cold and dystopian for sure, but it’s totally evocative of the concrete architecture of the ’60s and ’70s and their vision of the future.”

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