Mark Pritchard

Mark Pritchard reveals the first and last records he bought and the one he calls his comfort blanket


Laurel and Hardy
‘The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine’
(United Artists ,1975)

On the way to school, when I was about five or six, my mum would take me to Sweets Record And Hi Fi in Crewkerne to buy a single every now and again. I clearly remember buying this one and I still love the way it sounds. As I got a bit older, the first movement I got into would have been 2 Tone, so album-wise the first record I would have bought was The Specials first album.


‘Three/Three ‘
(Ghostly International ,2018)

I love all of Tadd Mullinix’s music in all his different styles. We had to wait over 10 years for this one! I hope he doesn’t stop there with this sound, but I trust that whatever he does it will be great. This has some really good guests on it, some of which I had heard of, some not so much, but everyone came with their A game by the sounds of it. I urge anyone who is not familiar to type in Tadd Mullinix into Discogs and have a look through his work.


Arthur Verocai
‘Arthur Verocai ‘
(Continental ,1972)

I was going to talk about another album here as I’ve mentioned this one loads, but it’s still the one that just makes me feel good every time. It originally came out in Brazil in 1972, but was reissued by the Mr Bongo label a couple of years back. I don’t think there has been a finer 29 minutes of music committed to vinyl. It’s just joyous.

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