Malka Spigel

Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel reveals the first and last records she bought, and one she couldn’t do without


The Beatles
‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’
(Parlophone, 1967)

“When ‘Sgt Pepper’ first came out, I lived in a Kibbutz in the middle of nowhere in Israel. If I wanted to buy records, the only place to go was a small electrical shop two miles walk from where I lived. In the disconnected world of the 60s, music arriving from such an exotic source far away had such power. I wouldn’t be where I am now as an artist, or a person, without it.”


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
‘Tides: Music For Mediation And Yoga’
(Touchtheplant Studio, 2018)

“There’s lots of modular stuff out there, often by nerdy blokes with beards, but the final result is often not that appealing. This album, in spite of its somewhat off-putting title, has the immersive quality that I look for in all music, especially electronic music. What’s additionally interesting about this is that she uses the Buchla 100 as her primary source. She also makes a connection between visual and audio I can relate to.”


 Boards Of Canada
‘Campfire Headphase’
(Warp, 2005)

“If I had to leave the house in a hurry and only take one record, it would be this one because whatever place and whatever emotional space I’m in, this music always draws me in, turning the mundane experience into a magical one. The music sounds effortless and organic and I never get bored with it. ‘Dayvan Cowboy’ also has the best combination of music and video ever!”

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