Elaine Howley

Elaine Howley on the first and last records she bought, and a go-to album


Yeah Yeah Yeahs
‘Fever To Tell’
(Interscope, 2003)

“I remember buying this in my early teens and rinsing it. The ferocious sound of the three-piece is so angular and groovy. Karen O’s performance is electric – she blazes a path across the album. The guitar sounds really stand out. This was fun, heavy music – modern rock ’n’ roll that spoke to me. My friend Albert put them on in Limerick – I have heard great things about that gig.”


Nala Sinephro
‘Space 1.8’
(Warp, 2021)

“The last album I bought at Cork’s Plugd Records was ‘Space 1.8’ by Caribbean-Belgian artist Nala Sinephro. This is such a soothing, divine record – I love how it unfolds. The blend of harp, field recordings, piano, drums and synthesisers is gorgeous, and there’s a lot of space and breath in the music. When I want to drift away, this is my go-to. The record spins out and then regrounds the listener as it goes. I’d love to see this music live one day. ‘Space 2’ and closing track ‘Space 8’ are two favourites.”


Sibylle Baier
‘Colour Green’
(Orange Twin, 2006)

“I find myself returning often to German folk singer Sibylle Baier’s ‘Colour Green’ album. It has a forlorn, wistful quality and captures her private world in a way that really sticks. Every song is like a short story. I like how it feels domestic and everyday but has an extraordinary timeless quality. The sound is really woody and tape-like. For me, the standout tracks are ‘Tonight’ and ‘Driving’.”

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