Andrew Hung

Andrew Hung reveals the first and last albums he bought and the one he turns to in an emergency


(One Little Independent, 1993)

“My brother bought this and I made a cassette recording which I’d listen to almost religiously at the time. I think singing, like acting, is really interesting in that there is an intentional expression, but there’s also an unconscious one too. There’s a vulnerability to Björk that I always look for in music. I also look for a feeling of the artist not giving a shit what other people think of them too and she has that in spades.”


Kacey Musgraves
‘Golden Hour’
(MCA Nashville, 2018)

“I love this record. I listen to it a lot. I like it because it feels like the remnants of a time where quality was the main objective of the recording process. It feels like all the musicians and personnel involved have contributed to a singular vision that’s very delicious to listen to. Sometimes, when something is as tasteful as this album it’s hard to resist its charm.”


Boards of Canada
(Warp, 2002)

“This is probably the record I’ve listened to the most in my life. I like their mixtape aesthetic, where loads and loads of ideas mingle with each other. And the feeling of this record is very otherworldly, or perhaps innerworldly. It seems to come bearing all the ickiness that we might find in the depths of our psyches. It’s the feeling of being lost perhaps?”

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