Tim Gane

Tim Gane reveals the first and last records he bought and picks a lifesaver from his collection…

Elvis Costello
‘This Year’s Model’
(Radar, 1978)

I bought this towards the end of 1978 at my local newsagent, who sold Top 40 records at the time. I’d saved up for it big time. I loved everything about it, every detail on the cover and every second of the music was ingrained onto my brain. When I was waiting to buy it, a strange instrumental music began playing on the radio and a huge voice appeared as if from everywhere at the same time. It made me giddy and the sweetshop was swaying. The record was David Bowie’s ‘Sound And Vision’ and it was one of my first experiences of a kind of audio whiteout.

Floating Points
‘Elaenia ‘
(Pluto/Luaka Bop, 2015)

I bought this recently at my local electronic and white goods superstore. They still sell vinyl there, amazingly, and I couldn’t resist a quick browse. I remembered Mark Riley playing a track from it on his 6 Music show, The Freak Zone, so I took a punt and what a great album it is. It gets better all the time. I checked out the earlier stuff and didn’t really like it at all, but something happened on this album. It’s a wonderful thing.

Public Image Ltd
‘Metal Box’
(Virgin, 1979)

It’s hard to pick one outstanding LP, but this was the first one into my head. Thrillingly inspirational at the time and now it seems to have a kind of devastating creativity within its grooves. Relentless and intense it has an aspect of a folly about it, perhaps enhanced by the metal tin it comes in. There’s not one wasted second on a record that makes time stand still.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter’s reissued first album ‘Blood Drums’ is out on Duophonic

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