One-time A Man Called Adam member Graingerboy chats about the first and last records he bought, and the one he always comes back to


The Kids From Fame
‘Hi Fidelity’
(RCA, 1982)

This song was everywhere in the summer of 1982 when the UK was in the middle of a ‘Fame’ frenzy. I was hooked as soon as I heard the arpeggiated synth in the intro. The song featured the character Bruno Martelli, an introverted musician obsessed with synths, his New York basement was full of them. I was in awe of Martelli and his machines and aspired to be like him… although sadly I had to make do with a secondhand pub organ in the dining room instead.


(Columbia, 2016)

This album has been my summer companion. You can really hear the amount of effort that’s gone into it both from a production and songwriting point of view, and like all great albums it takes a few listens to really appreciate the breadth of the artist’s vision. What also makes it so special is how truly timeless it sounds. Maxwell has the confidence to do his own thing without being swayed by current fads. A true genius.


New Order
(Factory, 1989)

An absolute classic. For me this is New Order’s masterpiece. The perfect combination of electronic dance music and rock with killer songs. The album moves effortlessly though both styles so beautifully. There’s an air of magic around the album that I’m sure was a direct result of it being recorded in Ibiza and I can hear those Balearic influences throughout. Hearing this record for the first time in my early teens was life changing. 

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