Athens Of The North

Location: Edinburgh, Est: 2014

Potted History: “I had worked for Jazzman Gerald [Jazzman Records] running a couple of his labels, and when I moved back to Edinburgh it just seemed time to do my own thing,” explains Athens Of The North founder Euan Fryer.“ I am an obsessive collector of old and new music, especially rare soul 45s, so I have a large network of collector friends in the USA who help me find older artists in order to reissue rare, interesting music – so extra big love to them.

“I have collected records since I was five years old. I started with car boot and church sales as a child. I always had a leaning towards soul and disco, even at that age, but was swept into techno, rave, hardcore and electronic in my early teens. The label name is also a nickname for my beautiful home city, Edinburgh.”

Mission Statement: “Just to make records I really believe in. It’s important not to let how many copies you think you can sell be the guide for what you put out. Be true to what you love and enjoy the fact that the creative process can be a bumpy, wild ride.”

Key Artists & Releases: “Working with Warren Hampshire and Greg Foat [Hampshire & Foat] was a joy,” says Fryer. “Some of those LPs will be future UK jazz classics. Andrew Wasylyk is a genuinely lovely and talented human who will go far. His music is enchanting, as are his live gigs. Linkwood works with me on the production side as well as an artist on the label. He is a fierce talent – book him to DJ, he smashes it!

“The LP from Other Lands [Gavin Sutherlands] is truly something I’m proud of. It was produced in our own studio. Bright & Findlay are our latest signing – Tom and James have been a delight to work with as they both step up and work alongside the label, which makes all the difference. Take note, artists!”

Future Plans: ”Our future plan is to continue to work and support artists old and new. I need to spend more time creating, work harder on getting the balance right, and get out and network with more people again.”

Any Other Business? “I give lots of advice about starting a label to others already, so here are some key tips. Work every day full-time like a real job or you will fail. This is not a jolly. Stay away from P&D deals, make your own product. I sold part of my collection to get started. Don’t ever stop and pat yourself on the back, get moving on the next project. Join the Association of Independent Music and go to events and learn. Ask people to mentor you – advice and experience is essential. Learn that people don’t answer emails because they are busy – don’t take it personally and follow up as many times as you must. And never tell yourself or others you don’t like an artist or genre.”

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