Quiet Details

Location: UK Est: 2023

Potted History: “The label was conceived sometime in 2022,” explains founder Al Gold. “I’d been making music as Fields We Found for a while, and became friends with some wonderful artists. A lot had changed in my life  and the idea for the label was evolving, so it seemed the perfect time to do it.

“Everyone I asked to contribute was incredibly supportive and encouraging, so I started planning all the other elements with the aim of having something as fully formed as possible from the first release.”

Mission Statement: “The label is based on musicians I love and their interpretation of the phrase ‘quiet details’. There’s no other creative input from me, just total trust in them to take it where they feel. The albums are presented in two ways – single tracks for the digital version and a continuous mix for the physical, which is most often on CD. I love long-form listening and feel it does the artists’ work the most justice. A single piece allows the listener to focus and be immersed entirely in the music for the duration. 

“Collaboration and visual art is a fundamental part of what we do. The artist and I decide on colours or images that suit the feel of the album,  and from there I make the final artwork using a combination of paper- making, image reproduction, mixed-media collage, analogue photography and minimal digital editing. I do this while listening to the album with the aim of creating a piece that is a direct representation of the music.”

Key Artists & Releases: “It’s hard to pick highlights as I’m so grateful to all the artists that have put their trust in QD. Their talent is what makes the label what it is. I’d urge anyone who likes our releases to dig into their other work, there’s a huge amount of stunning music to discover. 

“QD01 was special. Craig Tattersall has become a good friend over the  past few years and I adore his work, so having him first felt very fitting.  He encapsulates the QD concept perfectly, so I’m equally happy to have him as the first person to appear twice, with our most recent release QD09, collaborating with another dear friend, Ian Hawgood, as Observatories. They’re both massive inspirations so it’s an honour to put their music out.”

Future Plans: “Continuing to connect with more artists who I think will do interesting takes on the label idea, regardless of genre. There are so many out there doing next-level stuff and I’m excited to see how they explore it.”

Any Other Business? “I love running the label and it’s a perfect partner to my work as a mastering engineer. We’ve already got amazing people coming up with albums I’m very excited to share. As a music fan first, I just feel very lucky to be involved with musicians doing such beautiful things.”

For more, visit quietdetails.bandcamp.com

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