Castles In Space

Location: Biggleswade, UK Est: 2015

Potted History: “The label grew out of a music review blog I ran for a few years,” says label head honcho Colin Morrison. “In my youth I played keyboards in bands, one of which saw some minor success, leading to a publishing deal with Chrysalis. The band fizzled out, but the label side of things always fascinated me, so having played music and written about music, I wanted to have a go at releasing music.”

During his blogging life, he met Stuart Mclean of The Dark Outside radio broadcasts/cassette label fame, who helped Colin get Castles In Space off the ground. The first release was a seven-inch by Tauchseider, which featured McLean in collaboration with Soundhog, Innes Smith and Colin Newman of Wire.

“Due to a mixture of persistence and luck, the label has spidered outwards from that point,” says Colin, rather modestly.

Mission Statement: “That’s easy,” he says, “Castles in Space is a truly independent label specialising in brilliant electronic music in lovely deluxe, hand-finished vinyl pressings. The label aims to be a mark of quality for people who love electronic music as much as I do.”

That’s you, that is. Yes, you.

“I want Castles in Space to be recognised as a label delivering accessible, unpredictable, moody and exciting music,” he adds. “The intention is that if you like one release, you’ll like them all.”

Key artists & releases: “I’m very proud of the Concretism releases by Chris Sharp. His latest LP, ‘For Concrete And Country’, has sold almost the whole first run of 500 copies, which I think for a niche label and a concept LP about Cold War paranoia, is something to be proud of.

“One of my favourite releases is the KL(ÄUS) LP, it’s a beautiful classicist synth record from the Berlin School via Sydney. It’s retro, but with a modern twist. I’m also really proud of the Akiha Den Den soundtrack by Simon James. This turned out to be quite a package with clear vinyl, a beautiful booklet and an hour of additional music on CD.”

Future Plans: “The intention is to keep building our reach and reputation, making our lovely releases available to dedicated electronica fans who appreciate such things” says Colin. “It’s such a wonderful time for electronic music and I kind of feel like I’m only getting started. There’s some great stuff in the pipeline. After the summer, there will be at least one new release a month for the next 12 months. So far everything has been released in small runs, these limited editions are investments, kids. Get on board while you still have chance!”
Wise words indeed.

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