Hallow Ground

Location: Switzerland

Est: 2013

Potted History: 

“Hallow Ground came about more by accident than design,” says label founder Remo Seeland. “It was chance, friendships and spontaneous contacting that made us release albums. Soon this adventure was a surefire success and it just seemed sensible to continue.”

Mission Statement: 

“We release music that engages directly with the listener, that may change consciousness and perception,” says Seeland. “Our slogan is ‘Music and art that leads to visions’ – so it should grow beyond itself. In fact, our most recent compilation, ‘Epiphanies’, explores that very concept and I think the result is impressive, engaging and touching.”

Key Artists & Releases: 

“We have been involved in bringing international recognition to more than a few artists. Kali Malone and FUJI||||||||||TA, for example, were more or less only known to a local audience before their releases on Hallow Ground, and it’s nice to see our belief in our artists bearing fruit. We’ve also published the first vinyl editions of Swans guitarist Norman Westberg’s solo works. 

My current Hallow Ground favourite is Lawrence English’s haunting long-player ‘Observation Of Breath’. I’m so mesmerised by these recordings that I’m unable to do anything other than listen while I give them a spin – I’d say it’s a sort of forced deep listening and deep breathing!”

Future Plans: 

“We just keep going on, that’s the plan,” explains Seeland. “It seems there’s a definite need for the music we release and there’s no shortage of talented and visionary artists out there. We’re passionate about discovering and showcasing their work while we make friends along the way. In such horrifying times – pandemic, war, climate change – it’s important to remember that music can bring people together and even give solace.”

Any Other Business?

“One lesson learned so far is that running a label also means meeting some hard-nosed capitalists,” says Seeland. “We’re very much rooted in the DIY scene, even if we work very efficiently and professionally. For us, DIY is an ethical practice. Respectful, empathic and transparent communication is very important to us – but this is not everyone’s way of thinking and behaviour, of course. We’ve learned that the source of music that touches us, stimulates us intellectually and drives us forward seems inexhaustible, and that the creators of these wonderful sounds are very often wonderful people.”

For more, see hallowground.bandcamp.com

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