Label: Miracle Pond

Location: Doncaster/Worksop

Est: 2019

Mission Statement: “Every now and again, labels come along that the listener trusts enough to want to get everything that they put out,” explains Bareham. “Miracle Pond wants to be that sort of label. No matter how different, new, original, unknown or challenging each release might be,  it’s all a part of the Miracle Pond universe. The quality stays the same,  but the context and the content keeps changing, growing and moving.”

Key Artists & Releases: Fast approaching a dozen sold-out releases, the label has played host to Polypores, Luke Sanger, Joao Kyron Braco, Prufrock, Onepointwo, Asa, Taylor’s band, Pictogram, and three of Paul’s projects: Beam Weapons, Apocalypse Then and Dead Leg. “The music ranges from pure electronica to pastoral dreampop, drone, spoken word and hard art noise,” says Bareham. There’s a new album by Xylitol due this month and  they hint at a series of multi-artist releases based on a concept “so brilliant, we fear industrial espionage if we talk about it”.

Future Plans: “More artists, more music, more releases – repeat,” says Bareham. “Send us your music, if one of us likes it and it fits, we’ll probably put it out.” On a darker note, they claim that their ultimate aim has always been to start a cult. “Benign, of course,” laughs Bareham. “Well, at first, anyway, that’s how cults work.”

Any Other Business? These two would like to let you know how easy it is to start a label. “With a little work, it’s not particularly hard to maintain, as long as you don’t expect to become rich or famous or have loads of staff to queue up at the post office for you,” offers Bareham.” You’ll never need a hobby and you’ll always have something to look forward to.” Like gambling, they say, when you lose more than you can afford and the fun stops – stop. A year in and they say it feels like they are just beginning. “In fact,” says Bareham, “we wish we’d done this years ago.”

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