Location: Düsseldorf Est: 2016

Potted History: “In 2014, we stopped working together with To Rococo Rot which gave me free space to start something new,” explains electronic producer, musician and TAL label founder Stefan Schneider. “At around the same time, I also finished a series called ‘Enthusiasm’ at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus – the main theatre in Düsseldorf – where we organised a series of events that would bring together fine arts, theatre music and politics. Somehow, I wanted to continue the curatorial work I’d been doing for three years by then, and the label was a way of doing that.”

Mission Statement: “When the first record of Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Women‘s Group was released in 2016, I still had no idea what the second would be. I just knew I did not want to establish a label that would be devoted to only one type of music.”

Key Artists & Releases: “The most recent release is ‘STUMM’ from the duo of Detlef Funder and Bernd Sevens, who both became pivotal figures in the underground tape movement of West Germany when they launched the SDV label in 1986. Individually they went on to produce boundary-defying works as Konrad Kraft and Seventh Day respectively.

“Other releases have included Konrad Kraft’s ‘Accident In Heaven’ and ‘Arctica’, ‘Musica De Venezuela 1972-81’ by the self-taught sound engineer and ethnomusicologist Oswaldo Lares, Tentenko’s ‘An Antworten’ EP with original tracks plus remixes by Nika Son, Tolouse Low Trax and MM/KM, So Sner’s ‘Reime’ with Susanna Gartmayer on bass clarinet and myself on electronics, and music by the pioneering Japanese group NON BAND.”

Future Plans: “The catalogue of TAL should be as diverse as a John Peel radio show,” says Schneider. “He was wonderful at bringing fully different kinds of music together in a way that would open your ears and mind to still-unfamiliar territories – music-wise, but also politically and historically.”

Any Other Business? “Besides releasing music, I think it is more important than ever to invent places where different kinds of people can physically meet, exchange ideas and fantasies and try new things out. Something like Morphine Raum in Berlin – a recording studio, record label, project space and workshop – is a good example for this.”

For more, visit tal-label.bandcamp.com

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