Remix Premiere: Maps + GLOK

Ride’s Andy Bell At The Controls

GLOK, the electronic side project from Ride’s Andy Bell, has remixed ‘Witchy Feel’, a track from the forthcoming Maps album ‘Counter Melodies’.

“This is such an incredible remix,” says James Chapman, aka Maps. “I was blown away as soon as I heard it. Andy Bell (GLOK) is such an amazingly talented artist, and it is a huge honour for me to have had the opportunity to work with him again. Everything he has ever done throughout his astounding career has such a class and quality to it, and this remix is no exception.

“The reverbed, ethereal synth parts at the beginning give way to a HUGE groove when the drums come in. The deep, boomy kick and the tight snare drum, combined with the unfolding, constant movement of the percussion mean that everything about this mix makes the listener want to move to the rhythm. The playful, skipping hi-hats just add to this constant and infectious feeling of joy and uplifting vibes. I love the way Andy has created something completely new and hugely danceable with this remix, while still keeping the melodic elements from the original track. It’s just wonderful!”

‘Counter Melodies’ is released by Mute on 10 February 2023. Pre-order here:

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