Breathtaking animated video for analogue electronic meditation

Johannes Auvinen, aka Tin Man, has a new album, ’Arles‘, due for release later this month on the ever-dependable Bureau B label. The title track, premiering here on Electronic Sound, has a beautiful video to go with its warm synth and analogue drum machine gentility.

““Arles‘ is the title track from Tin Man’s new record on Bureau B,‘ says Auvinen. ”The album tells the tale of Van Gogh’s productive and visionary period of painting in the city Arles. The track ‘Arles‘ has a triumphant and celebratory mood which reflects the excitement and optimism Van Gogh felt in the beautiful city and its pastoral surroundings. Detroit artist Ace, Andrew Charles Edman, has created a music video which literally and figuratively conveys the arrival of Van Gogh into the city and new artistic territory. It is here that Van Gogh’s painting will take on an otherworldly and ecstatic beauty.” 

‘Arles‘ is released on Bureau B on 28 April

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