Bamboo Smoke

Hazy beats meet emotive pipes

Who They?

“Two humans blending voice, bass and beats”, claim the London pair consisting of lyricist and vocalist Lou and producer Tom, an indiesynth duo to be prized for their wistful, “unpolished” productions.

Why Bamboo Smoke?

“We like things fairly loose and unpolished,” they say, “and tend to retain as many raw qualities from each recording as we can, imperfections and all.” They blend a number of musical styles – Lou’s soulful vocals, minimalist rhythms and off-kilter, almost abstract electronic elements – and say they share a love of hip hop, soul and jazz. It’s all very Everything But The Girl, but 2018 stylee. We’re definitely not complaining.

Tell Us More…

A chance meeting on a rooftop brought them together, at a time when Lou had “armfuls of notebooks littered with words and melodies” and Tom an abundance of directionless instrumentals that were “desperate for the right voice”. Several scatty recording sessions later and Bamboo Smoke came to life, with the pair spending months writing together in south London. They recorded their debut ‘Lonesome Groove’ EP over the course of last year, made in between navigating the trials and tribulations of surviving in London in your 20s. Looks like their hard work is paying off though, and if they continue on this trajectory, scatty recording sessions will be a thing of the past.

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